Geographical Location of Tezpur University

Geographical Location Map

  Geographical Location Map

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Guwahati to Tezpur.
National Highway No. 31 via Jalukbari upto Baihata Chariali and NH 52 from Baihata Chariali via Mangaldoi. Distance : 181 kms (approx.)

National Highway No. 37 via Nagaon upto Kaliabor Tiniali and NH 37A from Kaliabor Tiniali via Kolia Bhomora bridge. Distance : 198 kms.(approx.)

Different Routes from Tezpur to University Campus (ASTC Bus Service)

  • Tezpur Town - Idgah - Mahabhairab - Darrang College(East) - Parowa - TU Campus (shortest route)

  • Tezpur Town - Baroholia - Law College - Majgaon - Mission Chariali - Parowa - TU Campus 

  • Tezpur Town - Baroholia - Law College - Majgaon - Vartak- Mission Chariali - Parowa - TU Campus

  • Tezpur Town - Railgate - Murhateteli - Vartak - Ketekibari - Mission Chariali - Parowa - TU Campus

Regular Bus service are available from Guwahati (ISBT) to Tezpur ASTC Bus Station via Nagaon or Mangaldoi. To reach Tezpur University, University Bus Services are available from Tezpur ASTC Bus Station via Paruwa to University Campus in scheduled time. Besides University Bus Service, Taxis are available from Tezpur Town (Near ASTC Bus Station) or Mission Chariali and Private Bus from Tezpur Town (Near Idgah Maidan) to reach University


Direct Air India Flights are available from Kolkata to Tezpur THRICE-A-WEEK on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. However, flights are suspended due to Airport upgradation works. Many other daily flights are available from/to Guwahati to/from other big cities of the country.


Tezpur is connected  by Broad Gauge line from Dekargaon Rail Station to Rangia Junction via Rangapara Junction. Nearest main rail hub is Guwahati which is well connected by different Trains from other important places.


As Tezpur is a city of people's interest for its historical importance, there are a good numbers of hotels (below 4 Star category) for peaceful stay along with hygienic Restaurants. Hotel Information.

As Tezpur University is located at very beautiful location of North-East India, so during your visit to Tezpur University, you can also visit following places for sightseeing

For Sightseeing Points at Tezpur

For Sightseeing Points at nearby Arunachal Pradesh


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