Dated:  27.07.2018

Ragging in educational Institutions have been serious concerns of all of us . Although the ragging was started from the western countries for interactions between seniors and juniors in the educational institutes, in due course of time the ragging has been converted to brutality and inhuman leading to serious injury or even death of students.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has issued clear and strict directives to curb the menace of ragging to all academic Institutions through the MHRD, UGC and AICTE.

Tezpur University has been taking strong and effective measures against ragging on the campus. Some of the measures taken by the University are given below:

1. Display of banners at prominent places in the University informing the students to abstain from ragging. Contact numbers of the University officers are also displayed in different prominent places to report immediately in case of any incident of ragging.

2. Anti-ragging booklets containing Raghavan Committee, contact numbers of Heads of the Departments, members of Anti-ragging squad etc are distributed to all the students in the beginning of academic session.

3. Constitution of Ant-ragging Committee, Anti-ragging squad and Anti Ragging cells, Vigilance committee,etc.

4. Ice breaking sessions in the Departments and hostels are organized in the beginning of the academic session.

5. Conducted Orientation programme for the new students.

6. Informed all the students to submit online anti-ragging undertaking as per UGC’s directives.

Sd/- Controller of Examinations


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